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Professional Therapeutic Experience

Director of the Unit for Counseling and Therapy at a City Center of the Tel Aviv Municipality (the unit consists of a multidisciplinary team of social workers and psychologists), Director of the psychosocial array of the IGY youth organization. 

  • Individual and couples therapy, parenting skills and guidance, and group facilitation.

  • Field training for social work students on behalf of the Tel Aviv University.

  • Counseling and professional guidance to all the therapists and counselors at the organization.   



Shahaf Organization

  • Body image and eating disorders treatment and therapy.



The Station for Child, Youth and Family Care in Tel Aviv

  • Individual therapy and parent counseling.

  • Group facilitation for children.



The Department for Social Services in Kiryat Ono

  • Providing a range of mental health services and therapy.


2009 - 2015
2007 - 2009
2006 - 2007
2004 - 2006
counselling in hamburg

PhD in Social Work, Tel Aviv University.

A certified field instructor for training social work students, on behalf of the Tel Aviv University.



Master of Social Work (MSW), Tel Aviv University. 

Graduated on the Dean’s List.



Bachelor of Social Work (BASW), Bar Ilan University.

Graduated on the Rector’s List.



Bachelor of Educational Counseling (BA), Bar Ilan University.

Graduated magna cum laude.

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